Ninja turtle and rosy red bath bombs

Again cold weather and rainy. Dior and I decided to relax our bodies . As I know detoxing the body more often helps to boost the immunity . So I read about bath bombs which are getting famous nowadays.

I decided to make red bath bomb and named rosy red. Dior decided to name his bath bomb “ninja turtle” since it is green.

We used baking soda, epsom salt , citric acid, corn starch, coconut oil  and essential oils.

Baking soda and epsom salt– detox the body. They can be used even for babies . Only in small amount 

Citric acid-according to “Citric acid’s chemical properties as a weak organic acid make it a powerful water softener. It works by breaking down the trace amounts of metal found in water, making it an ideal all-natural choice for treating hard water.”

Corn starch– helps to harden the ingredients to give a easy shape

Coconut oil– is the best moisturizer . It prevents the skin not to get dry

Essential oils- we used eucalyptus for our “ninja turtle” bombs. Eucalyptus helps to ease the cold and flu symptoms . It has a property of drying excessive mucous.

Rose oil – has a great and soft smell. And not only smell but it is also known as antidepressant . Oh boy, how we mothers need that.

So let’s start 


1 cup baking soda

0.5 cup citric acid

0.5 corn starch

0.5 epsom salt


1.Mix all the ingredients.

2 . Put in the shape 

3. Keep in the freezer for 1 hr

4. Drop bombs to your bath Voila get in there and relax. It is only 3 steps . How easy is that? Extra fun time for kids


1. Don’t use essential oil kids under 4 years old or with ought doctor consultation.

2. I recommend to get a bath bomb molds . We had a difficulty to keep the shape withought molds.

Check my affiliate link for my favorite essential oil brand  


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