Mother’s Day DIY

It is Mother’s Day yeayyy. Since I became a mother I haven’t had  a time to celebrate Mother’s Day as I wanted . Because, every year it was finals week ugh. I was too busy with my study and didn’t even feel like celebrating anything. But, this year I eagerly waited for it .

The first thing I did was I went to art class with my little boy.  There we paint the flower pot. It was fun and relaxing.

Video here

Then my big boy Dior surprised me with his cute flower craft. He even wrote “Happy Mother’s Day ” himself.  It was the best present ever I got. I was so happy and even cried a bit. It was a happy cry lol. I am really proud of him.

The day before Mother’s Day I decided to make a craft with kids for myself. I was checking the Facebook and Pinterest . And I love the idea of making a jewelry keeper from oven baked clay. I wanted to put the link but couldn’t find the original person who made it first. So if you want to watch other options just type oven baked clay DIY on Pinterest . You will find several great ones.

Ours you can watch here

The least but not the last, present from hubby was nice family lunch all together, withought using a phone 😂

How was your Mother’s Day ?

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