5 summer activities for kids 

I can’t believe it is almost summer. My son’s teacher handed us the end of year celebration paper. And I look at it, it is after 2 weeks!!! . Boy, what we gona do after school? He really needs lots of activities to engage. He likes to be around other kids. So keeping him at home is not a best choice. Besides, I and hubby works. We don’t want to hire babysitter. And camps also not a choice. Unfortunately, the camps for kids age 1-5 are expensive. I can’t blame, kids on that age need lot of effort to take care of. I call them walking danger lol. In 2 seconds anything can happen. I can’t imagine how they think that fast to do something ?

Anyways, I was so nervous and tried to come up a plan and make our summer schedule. Of course I dig in some infos on internet and asked to mom friends for ideas. 

Thank god I was able to find some affordable or free activities that is close by. 

Here is the list 

  1. Michael’s summer camp

It is for kids age 3 and up. Monday ,Wednesday, Friday starts at 10am till noon. So it is perfect time for morning regiment. Besides it is only $5 per day or $12 for 3 sessions. Starts from June 12-July 28. My son loves crafts so we definetly trying this. Check up the location close to you and ask them if they doing this camp. 

   2.   Home Depot kids workshop

This is also for kids age 3 and up. It is every first Saturday of the month. Starts from 9 am till 12 pm. You can go between that hours ,but, ideally go earlier . Sometimes they may run out of supplies. We had been going there since Dior 3. We love it every time they have great projects for kids. Perfect engagement with kids. Kids will get apron, eye protected googles, pin and certificate after they finish the project. All FREE

   3.   Lakeshore learning and craft center

Check the location close to you. Lakeshore has great FREE program for kids every Saturday from 11 am- 3 pm. There kids will get a chance to make amazing and fun crafts. Lakeshore staff will show each time how to make a craft for the day. Usually crafts match to upcoming holidays or weather. Besides, you will get to know new products and discounts. Also they display best selling products so kids can play. That means you will spend at least 3-4 hours there for FREE.

   4.  Lego FREE workshop

This is for kids age 6-14 . This also happens the first Saturday of the month. Please check the store close to you before you go. Also, kids will get free lego parts. Maximum 4 kids from one household. So it is perfect outing with kids.

5.   Check your local library for craft , story time and museum pass. We found out at our local library has pass for Children’s museum of Manhattan. Omg we had a blast there. So much fun and for free. All you need is to fill out the museum pass paper and give deposit. I believe deposit various, so ask about it. Once you return the pass you will get your deposit back.

For now that is it. But I am still searching for kid friendly places and activities. So let me know if you know any and would like to share. 

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