Hi all

About the blog

This blog is about one mother’s typical life and how she manages her life with simple, easy and fun way. Motherhood is a gift given by a god to us. It sure does have ups and downs. The way how we handle and walk together as a family is up to us as a mother. In this blog you will find tips and tricks for everything that you could use in the life, such as; healthy recipes, simple food preparations, fun activity for kids, affordable places to take kids and some budgeting tips for family.

About my backround 

I am Nargiza. I live with my family; my husband and 2 boys, in New Jersey . However, our origins from Central Asia (Tajikistan).

When we immigrated to the USA, as a young family we had faced a lot of struggles. Different culture, different life and people. It wasn’t easy for me to cope . I always felt homesick. Besides, I didn’t want to bother my mom asking her things that I struggle for. If I needed a help, I grabbed my phone and check on my beloved buddy Pinterest .

I sure did learn a lot from internet and from blogger moms. Now, I decided to give back what I had learned to manage my life as a wife and a mother.