Lactation cookies

Do you think your breastmilk is not enough and your baby fusses more than usual? If you have that instinct, take an action. Some people or doctors might said “don’t worry about it” ( which is their favorite word). But you are right.   You know your baby better than anyone else. You are the one who stands next to him/her more than anyone else does. 

 Unfortunately, majority moms struggle how to increase milk supply. And end up adding formula which will cause more problem. Having both breastmilk and formula may cause fussiness in some babies. More than that, some kids will develop eczema, colic, constipation or diarrhea. 

From my experience ideally babies need to be fully breastfeed until 3-4 month at least. During that time their tiny gastrointestinal system will develop and gets little stronger. Besides they get immunity from mother’s milk . And will be strong enough to fight of infections.  

So how we can increase milk flow natural way? I dig some info about it when I was pregnant to our second boy.  It showed that brewers yeast, flax seed, oatmeal and peanuts boost up milk supply. And I also found a great cookie recipe that can be used based on the ingreadients above. 


  • 0.5 cup flour
  • 0.5 cup oatmeal ( still cut or instant)
  • 0.5 cup sugar( you can put least if you add chocolate chips)
  • 1egg 
  • 4 oz softened butter
  • 2 tbs bio yogurt 
  • 1 tsp brewer’s yeast 
  • 1 tsp baking powder 
  • 0.5 tsp cinnamon 
  • Chocolate chips for your preference 


  1. Mix the dry ingredients in one bowl; oatmeal, flour, sugar, brewers yeast

 2.  In other bowl whisk the egg with baking powder add 2 tbsp bio yogurt . Mix it well

3.  Add the egg solution to dry ingredients and add the butter.

4.    Mix them all together.

5.    Add the chocolate chips.
6.    Neat it well.

7.    Keep in the refrigerator for 20 minutes.   8.    Preheat the oven for 320* degrees. 

9.    Make small balls and list on parchment              paper on the pan

10.    Bake in 320* degrees for 15-20 minutes


  • You might taste little bittery because of brewers yeast. That’s why I suggest you to add some fruits or chocolate chips to mask the bitterness. 
  • If the dough looks more dry after sitting a side you can add 2-3 tbsp water. The oats retain fluid and may cause the dryness.
  • Also I like to add half/half flour/oats because oatmeal also helps to make more milk, but if you don’t like more oats you can add least than 0.5 cups
  • You can store them in air tight container at 60-70* degrees or simply at room temperature. Trust me it does help to produce more milk . 


Kale power:  kale chips and kale ice cubes

As a child I  was taught by  my mom that we are not suppose to waste our food to garbage.  Because other part of world people are  starving. We should be thankful for every single day and food that givin to us. Ever since I try to use every single fruit/vegitable or any food I bought.

Usually when I buy Kale it comes a big bunch. It is impossible for me to use them all within a week. 

Here are some tips how I use my kale 

Kale chips 

  • Kale bunch 
  • 2 tbs olive oil 


  1. Wash the kale and well dry 
  2. Cut of the stem
  3. Put 2 tbs olive oil and well coat the kale 
  4. Put in the oven for 5-6 min under 250* degree 

5. Let it cool and ready to eat 

                                Kale cubes 

You also can freeze the kale up to 6 month . I usually use the to make my detox smoothies and detox infused water 

I still have some more kale left . I am thinking to try kale piesto. 

Ninja turtle and rosy red bath bombs

Again cold weather and rainy. Dior and I decided to relax our bodies . As I know detoxing the body more often helps to boost the immunity . So I read about bath bombs which are getting famous nowadays.

I decided to make red bath bomb and named rosy red. Dior decided to name his bath bomb “ninja turtle” since it is green.

We used baking soda, epsom salt , citric acid, corn starch, coconut oil  and essential oils.

Baking soda and epsom salt– detox the body. They can be used even for babies . Only in small amount 

Citric acid-according to “Citric acid’s chemical properties as a weak organic acid make it a powerful water softener. It works by breaking down the trace amounts of metal found in water, making it an ideal all-natural choice for treating hard water.”

Corn starch– helps to harden the ingredients to give a easy shape

Coconut oil– is the best moisturizer . It prevents the skin not to get dry

Essential oils- we used eucalyptus for our “ninja turtle” bombs. Eucalyptus helps to ease the cold and flu symptoms . It has a property of drying excessive mucous.

Rose oil – has a great and soft smell. And not only smell but it is also known as antidepressant . Oh boy, how we mothers need that.

So let’s start 


1 cup baking soda

0.5 cup citric acid

0.5 corn starch

0.5 epsom salt


1.Mix all the ingredients.

2 . Put in the shape 

3. Keep in the freezer for 1 hr

4. Drop bombs to your bath Voila get in there and relax. It is only 3 steps . How easy is that? Extra fun time for kids


1. Don’t use essential oil kids under 4 years old or with ought doctor consultation.

2. I recommend to get a bath bomb molds . We had a difficulty to keep the shape withought molds.

Check my affiliate link for my favorite essential oil brand  


Cold and flu again :(

Auchu!!! Sneezing are lot? Yes this year had been full of cold and flu 😷. It is good to boost up your’s and your kids immunity. This tutorial will show you how to stock up Vit C on your own way . With this tutorial you will know what you putting on your and your kids mouth . You can control the sugar level. More that anything you are sure 100% it is Preservative free. 


  • 1 orange
  • 1 pack Emergen C or 2 tbs Vit C
  • 2 tbs honey
  • 5 tbs gelatin
  1. Squeeze the orange in the pot
  2. Add vitamin C, honey and gelatin
  3. Mix it well
  4. Put on stove for high heat
  5. Stir constantly until it boils and thicken 
  6. Take from oven
  7. Use spoon or piper to put in the gummy bear molds
  8. Keep in the freezer for 15 min to get harden

All done