End year gift for teachers

I can’t believe it is June !!! It feels like we are in the rocket and flew around the earth in 1 second πŸ˜‚. When my son started the school I made up a plan, that we gona do handmade gift to his teachers. I was searching for some ideas about what teachers need. I mean really need and use what we give, not just a gift that stays on the corner. So, I come up with the idea of making crayon bottle that teachers can use to keep their pen. And gift card from amazon. During my research I read that most states teachers are underpaid. They also use their own money  to  buy school supplies sometimes. That’s why I thought crayons will be great gift, so teachers can use it later on. So, I didn’t glue it to the jar but used a rubber band in order to keep them together .

Here are the things you need to make your crayon pen holder 

  • Empty baby fruit purΓ©e  jar
  • Box of crayons 
  • 1 rubber band
  • Piece of yarn
  • 2 sticks/ pencil
  • Ribbons for decoration 
  • Small size cloth pin
  1. Clean the jar
  2. Put the rubber band around the jar
  3. Ask your child to help insert the crayons ( it will be fun)
  4. Put the popsicle sticks on each side 
  5. Insert the cloth pin through the yarn. It will help the pin hang straight
  6. Tie ribbon on top of rubber band for decoration 

Another great gift idea  to let your child write a thank you letter to their teachers. Believe me  it is precious for teachers knowing how their students and parent appreciate their hard work. I got the idea and free print from this blog Thesuburbanmom.com

Mother’s Day DIY

It is Mother’s Day yeayyy. Since I became a mother I haven’t had  a time to celebrate Mother’s Day as I wanted . Because, every year it was finals week ugh. I was too busy with my study and didn’t even feel like celebrating anything. But, this year I eagerly waited for it .

The first thing I did was I went to art class with my little boy.  There we paint the flower pot. It was fun and relaxing.

Video here


Then my big boy Dior surprised me with his cute flower craft. He even wrote “Happy Mother’s Day ” himself.  It was the best present ever I got. I was so happy and even cried a bit. It was a happy cry lol. I am really proud of him.

The day before Mother’s Day I decided to make a craft with kids for myself. I was checking the Facebook and Pinterest . And I love the idea of making a jewelry keeper from oven baked clay. I wanted to put the link but couldn’t find the original person who made it first. So if you want to watch other options just type oven baked clay DIY on Pinterest . You will find several great ones.

Ours you can watch here


The least but not the last, present from hubby was nice family lunch all together, withought using a phone πŸ˜‚

How was your Mother’s Day ?

Ease the toddler tantrumΒ 

 Being a parent of 2 boys (4 yrs-10 month) and also working at the same time little by little making our nerves weak.

Besides, our 4 years old throwing tantrums very often lately . I start reading my #1 helper Pinterest advises . I tried positive changing, encouragement, spending time and many more , but didn’t see any improvement. It become  to the point that I couldn’t handle anymore. It was to tiring and exhausted. Finally, I asked him what is the reason that upsetting him very often . The answer shocked me. I would say I was so ashamed from my own child. His answer was ” I am getting mad because you are upset and not smiling as  you use to” 😟 . He was right. After our second son I changed. I become too busy. All the time rushing to do my chores.   

I promised him now on I will smile him more often . Believe me or not withought any extra tricks he changed. Everyday, morning I wake him up with big smile on my face 😊. And drop him off to school with same smile lol. If he start frowning I say “smile” . And like a sun shine out of clouds he smiles. It makes my day. 

Long story short before we try any professional advises or #1 tricks that worked to others , we should ask our kids for the reason. Very simple way we could solve it. And no matter what we should be example for our kids. They are our mirrors . They will repeat our action all the time.