Healthy snack for kids 

Is your child begging you for chocolate, but you want him/her to eat more fruits? Then try this snack idea

You need 

  • 1 banana
  • 1 orange
  • 2 ice cream sticks
  • 4 oz molted chocolate 
  • Sprinkle


  1. Cut half the banana and insert the sticks 
  2. Keep in the freezer for 5 minutes so banana gets harden and makes it easier to dip in to chocolate 
  3. Dip in to chocolate 
  4. Sprinkle 
  5. And but in the freezer for 10 min

Ready to eat 


Mom,you are amazing just the way you are

“Welcome to Parenthood ” – exclaimed the OB/GYN to us 4 years ago, when me and my husband were holding our newborn son with joy and curiosity. We weren’t really understood meaning of parenthood, still not fully aware about it sometimes 😬

I bet most of us managing being a parent some how on our ways. It is always interesting  to know how other parents managing their days with kids and at the same time with other life responsibilities.

Have you ever felt guilty when watching a another well dressed and trimmed ladyIs rushing to work  and holding a  kid at same age of your child? Don’t be . You don’t know that lady’s inner feeling. Maybe she wants to be a mother like you who does all house chores and stays at home with kids More than anything plays with her child everyday. Maybe she doesn’t have an opportunity to stay at home and be with her kids.

I really want the every single woman, mother fells proud of herself. Not to compare herself or her kids with others’

Our kids love us just the way we are